Saturday, June 14, 2014

"And Then I Got Fired" - Live Recording

OH my hell! OH my damn! We did a live podcast! I'm going to be completely honest with ya'll. I don't know how this little podcast experiment is going. 

I say that because apparently I'm a narcissist who can only focus on herself. Listening to myself on these things is painful to say the least, and all I can focus on is everything I'm doing wrong. BUT it's wonderful because it's making me more aware and a better performer. But that also makes it rough for you, my faithful listener, to have to endure my growing pains. I honestly thank you for going through this with me. I have entered into the next generation of growing pains, and that is a live show!

This show was fantastically fun. It took place at the Spider House Ballroom in Austin on December 5th 2013, and I can't wait for the next one. It's structured like a storytelling competition, with 6 storytellers and 3 judges. All of the speakers shared stories about a time that they got fired, and the judges choose a winner of the 'Golden Hammer Award'. It went off without a hitch, and I can't wait for the next one! I won't spoil who the winner is, but I'm very grateful for everyone who came out to the show to watch or participate. Hopefully we'll have even more people next time!

Judges: Mac Blake, Joe Hafkey, Roxy Castillo
Storytellers: John Tole, Amber Bixby, Chris Magyar, Norman Wilkerson, Avery Moore, and comedy by Aaron Brooks

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