Saturday, June 14, 2014

Dustin Svehlak - Wedding Videos, Corporate Porn, and Rental Life Advice

Happy February, everyone! I'm happy to report that we had a fantastic recording of our second live podcast at Spider House Ballroom in Austin last week.

We had six local performers telling stories about calling into work and it was funny, moving, disgusting, and full of bodily fluids! The episode should be out in a few weeks. We'll be doing a new one on the first Friday of every month, so make sure to come and check one out (info available on Facebook)!

In the meantime, I'm so happy to have Dustin Svehlak on the podcast this week. He is the brains and talent behind Voltaic Video, and basically the primary videographer for every comic in Austin. If it weren't for him we would be laying on couches, smoking weed, and thinking of millions of brillant video ideas...with no means of execution. Aside from being an awesomely talented dude, he's a great friend and a wonderful supporter of all things creative. Get a dose of his endless positivity, and make sure to check out his Voltaic Video Youtube Channel!

Here are a few examples of Dustin's video work:


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