Saturday, June 14, 2014

Lucy Barber - Rock Writin', Anxiety, and Social Workin'

Believe it or not, I actually do know a few people who are not comics. However, I did mostly meet them through comedy. Lucy Barber and I became friends when we were both dating comics, and boy did we need someone to bitch to about it.
Granted, I am a comic, and I am yet again dating one, but this was a whole new world for Lucy and we gave each other free therapy. By that I mean we had similar things to bitch about and we both liked drinking beer and smoking cigarettes while sitting on a porch. That's how you make new friends as an adult, by the way. A mutual hatred and a mutual vice. It's a tricky algorithm, I'd be happy to explain it more later.

Lucy is one of those people who you are instantly jealous of. She's beautiful, she looks too hip to emulate, and she is never at a loss of interesting things to talk about. When I was a teenager, I would have been way too intimidated to talk to her. And rightfully so - she was and is way cooler than me. She was a rock journalist for the Boston Globe when she was barely out of her teens, but she found her passion in social work. Did you hear that?! She had the coolest job in the world, but she ended up doing work that really helps people. See what I'm saying? She's cooler than any of us. I'm going to write the word 'cool' about 100 more times. While I do that, you should listen to this episode and fall in love with Lucy Barber.

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