Saturday, June 14, 2014

Blake Midgette - Beds, Metal Bands, and Beyond...

When I first met Blake Midgette, I was sure that he was 52 years old and a pervert. I was only correct about one of those things, he's actually 36. No, no, he's not a pervert, but the first time I actually heard about Blake was when I first started comedy in 2011.

I had never met him, but there was a comedy benefit show going on for him to help pay for his hospital bills. Blake had gotten a severe staff infection that made him incredibly ill, and his bills were out of control. At first, you might feel bad for Blake. A staff infection? What are the odds. That sucks. How does someone even get a staff infection? Well, if you're Blake, your belly rubbed against your belt buckle to such a degree that it created a wound...that then got infected. I love you Blake, but come on.

Don't worry, he's an awesome guy aside from that. He was the front man in the band pageninetynine (they broke up 2003), but they were big enough for NPR to cover their reunion show in 2011 in their old stomping grounds, Sterling, VA. You can still listen to pageninetynine, but Blake spends his time these days bartending and doing stand up comedy. We talk about super cool bands (that I know nothing about) and his old life as a manager at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. He's about to move to New York City so snuggle up with rats in a tiny hole of an apartment so he can pursue the dream that we're all hoping to reach. We'll miss you Blake. And the staff infected hole inyour stomach.

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