Saturday, June 14, 2014

Josh Blue and Chuck Roy - Pot, Palsy, and the Big Gay Republican

My car still smells like pot. And apples. Let me explain.

I was lucky enough to be asked to host at Capitol City Comedy Club this past weekend because that's just what you do as a comic. You hope to get asked to host, then maybe they will like you and in a few years you will start being the middle comic who does about 25 minutes, and then after a few more years you will maybe start being a nationally touring headliner. It's all a part of the process, however I have to admit that being a host is not that fun. The host is the person on stage while you are ordering your Ha-Ha Nachos and 12 whiskey-diets. The host takes the bullet for about 6 shows over 4 days where they will get paid the equivalent of a generous handout from a freeway off-ramp; all the while timing the other comics, giving them their warning light, trying to not screw up their names or credits, and trying not to get too drunk so as not to mess up the announcements that they have to make about the club offering defensive driving on the weekends.

However, the weekend that I got to host for Josh Blue and Chuck Roy comprised some of the most fun days of comedy that I've had since I started doing stand up.
Josh has Cerebral Palsy, and that's probably the only thing that keeps him from getting thrown out of public places on a regular basis. He's a smart ass, he's self-depricating, and he's a fantastically fun troublemaker. He's made a name for himself as a national headliner, most notably from winning Last Comic Standing in 2006. However he was also on the National Paralympic U.S. Soccer team for 8 years, and he's made a sweet home for himself in Denver where he has a big ass farm, a wife and two kids.

Chuck is a former heterosexual Republican. Actually, he's been reformed from heterosexuality, but is standing by his Republicanism. Kids these days. Who even knows. ANYWAY. Sad to find out that being a big 'ol queer would keep him out of the New Hampshire senate, Chuck became a rising star in the Los Angeles comedy scene (opener for Craig Kilborn, TV spots, awesome agency representation, etc.). However, just because Hollywood starts showing you her titties, doesn't mean that you're into titties. Chuck left the bullshit politics behind and moved to Denver, where he is working on building up that scene and focusing on the craft of comedy. Which is really what this whole podcast project is about - finding a balance between doing what you love, and how to financially sustain yourself without losing that love.

In this episode I talk to these fellas about being minority comics, the price of success, and most importantly - how they are able to smoke SO MUCH WEED?! It's really amazing. I would be under the table and incoherent, but these gents just load up another apple pipe and puff away.

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