Saturday, June 14, 2014

Diana Ogaard - Starbucks Gun Threats, Brazilian Runaways, and the Art Hustle

In the history of my life, moving to Austin has been the most eventful chapter. Before I found comedy, before I went to grad school, before I adopted the dumbest dog I've ever met, I worked at a Starbucks at an outdoor mall.
Then a Starbucks with a drive-thru. Then a Starbucks by the University. Basically...all I did was work at Starbucks. This is where I met the first wave of my Austin partners in crime. Diana Ogaard was probably the first friend I made in the great state of Texas and it was because we were both surly as hell and knew how to make your cappucinno faster than anyone else, and with the most perfect goddam foam you've ever seen. She's the first person I've ever know who can speak as if she's a cat, and I don't want to knock her face sideways. She's a complex lady who is composed of a sassy New Yorker, a self-made lady, a wonderful artist and a sometimes-hippy-sometimes-fashionista.

You should buy her art, her clothes, her prints, her anything she's selling because support starving artists!! Check out her Gigi Bunni Etsy Store , follow Diana on Twitter, and keep up to date with her ongoing efforts on Facebook.

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