Saturday, June 14, 2014

"I Can't Come In To Work Today Because..." - Live Recording at Spider House Ballroom

In our second live recorded episode, a handful of amazing storytellers from Austin, TX take the stage to tell you their harrowing tales (excuses) of why they had to call in to work. There's drama, death, and even poop water. Who has the best story and will win the Golden Hammer award? Find out at the end!

This episode's storytellers include:
  • John Tole - Twitter: @JohnTole
  • Ralph Hardesty - Twitter: @ralphiehardesty
  • Lucy Barber - She doesn't need your approval through social media.
  • Special Thanks To Other Contributors: 
    • Roxy Castillo 
    • Morgan Engelmann 
    • Martha Kelly 
    • Lisa Friedrich 
    • Ryan Cownie

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